How To Reach Your Life Goals!


Many times in life we reach a cross roads and don’t know which direction to take. Major life changes can take their toll on our mental, emotional, and physical health, but there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help. Some people will seek out the services of a counselor, psychologist, spiritual healer, religious person, or even just a friend. But what if you don’t want to wait until life gets really bad before you start to take action?

The Life Coaching movement has spread like wild fire across the world, fast becoming an accepted and desired method of growth, and a path to success.  This is because the results achieved through Life Coaching are unlimited, and extremely rewarding.

Who uses a Life Coach?

All types of people use Life Coaches. Executives, athletes, parents, teens, politicians, business owners, actors- the list goes on. There is no shame in asking for help and a Life or Business Coach is able to not only help people who are struggling, but also help people who are actively seeking out success. A Life Coach can help take you from where you are, to where you want to be. They will help you to identify your goals in life, provide inspiration, support, and will help you to plan your strategy for success.

What can a Life Coach help with?

Life Coaches help with every day issues. If you’ve ever wanted to change careers, increase your productivity, make more money, have better relationships, lose weight, become a happier person, a better parent, reach a personal goal, or run a marathon then a Life Coach is for you. All you need is a desire to change your life, and the commitment to keep moving forward.
Results achieved in Life Coaching are measurable. They are there to help you succeed, not to work out what is ‘wrong’ with you. As opposed to counselling, a life coach will not spend too much time pulling apart your past, but they will help you focus on a future that is worth living into.

Why does Life Coaching work?

When you meet with or talk to a Life Coach, they do not look at you as you may see yourself. They see you as you want to be seen. They automatically assume that you can be, do, or have anything that you want. As Napoleon Hill, author of ‘Think And Grow Rich’ once wrote ‘What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ The premise of coaching is that everything you need is inside of you. Their job is to help you pull out the extraordinary results that you are capable of and to keep you motivated.  Many people have heard the saying ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ A life coach will help you plan your success, and will keep you accountable to yourself. When you stay on your path, you cannot help but achieve your desired outcome.

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Written by Sharona Radovsky


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